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PARATICO: Between Mountain Slopes & Lake Fascinating Village located on the Southeast shores of Lago d’Iseo and in the heart of the “Franciacorta” wine growing district, known for it’s history, parks and stone sculptured monuments. HISTORY & CULTURE Though privately owned the medieval Castle is proof of Paratico’s past importance in history. The recently renovated “Torre Lantieri” which helped dominate and control the territory, is now open to the public on Sundays and where a highly technical presentation of the local culture and traditions can be seen on the “Quadrisfera”. The neo gothic hunting lodge, “Oselanda” located in the village park “Parco Communale” is often home to art exhibitions during the summer months. Located just under the “Oselanda” is the “Viale dei Volti”, a row of stone faces sculptured in the local stone by international artists during the “Sculpire in Piazza” yearly event. The park itself has a beautiful view of the lake, safe play areas for children and hosts many outdoor festivals during the hot summer evenings. TASTES & TRADTIONS 'Franciacorta”, a restricted agricultural area known worldwide for it’s beautiful vineyards and sparkling white wines, Spumante. Paratico, located within the Franciacorta produces many fine wines together with a selected number of local cheeses. Throughout the year many well established events take place in different locations; Antique & Flea Markets almost every Sunday on the lake promenades , Tastes from the world in the village park in early June, a Chocolate Festival in the main square in October, the local Saints day in December other than numerous weekly summer events published in the yearly Village brochure. NATURE & SCENARY Local parks: “Parco Comunale” just above the main road, play area, café and pick-nic area. “Le Chiatte” a once railway depot where train wagons would be loaded and unloaded on lake barges for the transport of goods and steel from the 1800’s until a few decades ago. Now transformed into a beautiful promenade, with gardens, restraunt’s and a water fountain shooting 40mts. high.“I Tassodi” , a small forest of “Taxodium Disticom” pine trees growing directly in the lake, can only be seen from a distance and now home to many wildlife species. “Parco dell’Oglio Nord” a path following the valley and outgoing river. Can also be appreciated with the “Treno Blu”, traditional steam train running on a limited timetable suring the summer months. LAKE & WATERSPORTS From many of the nearby ports, many ferries offer simple transport or tourist day trips on the lake visiting many of the surrounding villages and lake islands. Timetables can be found at tourist offices or directly at the port itself. Waterskiing, wake boarding and boat renting can be found and are offered by many local boat yards.

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