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Goat horns cliff (Zone)



The Corna delle Capre cliff is a great rockface. Though the routes are not well developed (around 100 metres), they are very physical and sheer and therefore require good resistance. There are a dozen itineraries on the rockface diversely equipped but which are overall rather secure. In addition to the traditional itineraries, many others have recently been opened, leading to intersecting routes which can be confusing at times.

Difficulty: Homogenously difficult itineraries from 6a to 6b.

Weather: Excellent southern exposure, and therefore ideal in spring, autumn and winter.

Access and parking: Brescia Darfo orbital road, Colpiano exit, Zone direction. Drive up to the hamlet of Cislano (where the pyramids of earth are found). About halfway through the town, and before crossing the bridge over the stream, take the small asphalt road which continues into the Gasso valley. Continue driving until the asphalt runs out. You can park here (recommended for the preservation of your car) or continue for a few tight curves, saving about 15 minutes on foot, until you reach the meadows to the right of the structure where you can park. After, take a small road that leads to a farmhouse (uccellatore trail 320) then leave it shortly afterwards and begin walking up the steep meadows toward a farmhouse in a higher area. There are three large beeches behind the farmhouse toward the left, and there you will see a stone marker indicating the trail accessing the structure. Take the trail first through the wood then over scree until you reach the base of the structure.
Looking at the rock face, there is a spur that must be avoided to reach the mounts. A good pitch of 30 metres (a step of 6a+/6b in departure) has recently been opened on the spur that leads close to the mounts.


Go to http://www.climbingsebino.com/ to find out more and for technical information on the itineraries.

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