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Parzanica is a village located in a position dominating the western shore of Lake Iseo.
There is little historical information on this village, cut off from trading and events for most of its history, which consisted of minor things and was marked by the regular patterns of nature. Bear in mind that until the mid-20th century the only access to the town was along paths and mule tracks.

It seems that the history of this town started around the 10th century, when the place name used to refer to this area was Gromol, deriving from the Latin grumus and meaning a hill or hump. This term was used until the Middle Ages, when it was replaced by the current name Parzanica. News from this period suggests that, despite its being cut-off, the town was involved in small skirmishes between opposing factions. Since then, the most profound peace has reigned, while the area has followed the political fortunes of the rest of the province of Bergamo. The provincial road leading to the town was only built in 1957 and in 1999 a new panoramic road was opened.

It is worth noting both the historic town centre, which has preserved its rural character, with its characteristic views from past centuries, and the parish Church, built towards the end of the 18th century, with its frescoes and. high quality vestments The set of five bronze bells was melted down in 1953.

The Chiesa della Santissima Trinità (Church of the Most Holy Trinity), built in Romanesque style with its recently-restored 15th-century frescoes, is situated in a higher position compared to the residential area. The historic district of the hamlet of Acquaiolo, further downhill from the centre, is also very picturesque and still has stone houses in perfect rustic style.

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