A tourist resort since the second half of the nineteenth century located at about 850 meters above sea level, between the Borlezza Valley and Lake Iseo, Bossico offers a variety of excursions all year round. In spring the first blossoms and in summer the rich flora invite you to visit this beautiful plateau, where you can relax on the meadows, admiring old farmhouses, grazing animals and the fabulous landscape.

The Historical Villas - Built by the bourgeoisie in the nineteenth century, these villas are located on the plateau and are named after the Seven Hills of Rome and typical Garibaldian locations. Starting from the main square of the village, following a guided tour with the help of information boards, it is possible to discover its history and curiosities. Parish Church of Saints Pietro and Paolo - the church stands at the entrance of the village, opening onto the main square and presumably dates back to 1500 A.D. The high altar is of great importance for its polychrome inlaid marbles. Church of S. Rocco - dated around 1500 A.D., it is located at the end of Via Bonomelli, just after the old washhouse.

The Breath of the Wood - In a clearing in the woods, it has been created the Meditation Corner, a quiet place where you feel comfortable and where the mind will not be distracted. The trees, the view of the sky and the sounds of nature are of great help to get in touch with your inner self and relax. A notice board shows you the basic techniques of relaxation and hammocks welcome you in the brushwood. Some holistic events are organised during summer.
Il pane di patate (potato bread) - This is a good, healthy bread that was once eaten with cheese or salami, lard or honey, jam, butter and sugar or dipped in wine. It is the bread that speaks of the past, of the people from Bossico and of their identity.
Formaggella of Bossico - Cheese with a very delicate and characteristic flavour, obtained from the aromas of the forage used to feed the cows. The white and dense curds in the moulds, matured for more than six months, acquire a more robust taste.

Bossico has always been famous for two specialties: turnips and potatoes, but it is mainly turnips that have given great fame to this village, enough to give the people from Bossico (Bossichesi) the nickname “i raèi de Bösech” (turnips of Bossico).
And if someone wants to sow turnips and want them to grow abundant and tasty, remember to do so before the 9th of August, St. Fermo's day.

By bus - From Bergamo railway station and Lake Iseo, there are regular bus services to the town of Bossico. Timetable posted on

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