A quiet village on a hill overlooking the western shore of the lake, right in front of Monte Isola, Vigolo offers a variety of panoramic mountain and lake views. A natural environment still untouched, its silence and refined air are what make Vigolo a place to visit and stay, in the name of authenticity and tradition.

Vigolo, thanks to its enviable position, offers, above all, a large number of attractions from a naturalistic point of view. However, it is in this context that it is possible to admire some architectural works of particular importance. First and foremost, the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, patron saint of Vigolo: with paintings by A. Cifrondi (17th century), frescos by U. Mirigliani and T. Poloni as well as the black marble altar of the Bottega dei Manni in Rovio; the choir is the work of Ceretti. The church dedicated to San Rocco is particularly beautiful and of historical importance. It was built after the plague of 1630 in thanksgiving for escaping the threat of the epidemic. The church was recently restored and has a precious altar dedicated to Saint Anthony. On the outskirts of the village, there is the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Loreto, also known as Madonna del Dosso, in reference to the hill on which it was built in 1834. And last but not least, the little church on Colle del Giogo, privately owned and recently restored after a period of neglect, is also worth a visit. Adjoining there is a small house, former residence of prelates, which is now used for agricultural purposes.

By bus - Vigolo is serviced by the Bergamo Trasporti company. Rout C40a - timetable on:

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