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      The Infopoint Basso Lago d'Iseo and Valcalepio will be closed from 11th March 2020 until new provisions in order to contrast and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and protect Office staff's health. Thank you for your kind cooperation.


Our job is to offer all the information necessary so that tourists and citizens can fully enjoy the region where we operate.
The main services offered to visitors are:
- welcoming services for tourists;
- tourism information regarding the main tourist attractions of Lake Iseo and the entire province in general;
- information on lodging in the area;
- information on events and shows;
- publication and distribution of tourism materials, pamphlets, brochures and maps, transport schedules, calendars of events organised in the lower Lake Iseo area.

We also offer:
- Ticketing for Lake Iseo boat service, for both ordinary ferryboat lines as well as for day and nighttime cruises;
- Helpdesk open to the public and the Nautical Registry Department of the Lake Basin Authority for Lakes Iseo, Endine and Moro.

The lower Lake Iseo region is an area that links the fertile Po Valley plain with the first ridges of a part of the Alpine chain that geologists call the Southern Alps.

Geographically well defined, it comprises the southern part of the Bergamo province shore of Lake Iseo and the immediate inland area, almost all of which is occupied by steep hills and mountains ranging from an altitude of 197 m.a.s.l. in Sarnico and 753 m.a.s.l. in Parzanica to the peak of Mount Bronzone, 1334 m.a.s.l. The towns and villages include: Adrara San Martino, Adrara San Rocco, Castelli Calepio, Chiuduno, Credaro, Foresto Sparso, Gandosso, Grumello del Monte, Parzanica, Predore, Sarnico, Tavernola Bergamasca, Viadanica, and Vigolo, for an overall regional area of 123 km2 and 53,000 inhabitants.

These small settlements are linked by a common historic legacy and united by a specific natural identity: Lake Iseo (or Sebino). The beauty of its setting, perfectly described as being “between the mountains and the lake”, is also reflected in the historic hamlets boasting elements of fortalices, in its sanctuaries and in its extraordinary treasures of art. The towns looking onto the lake blend the architectural elements of age-old nobility, traces of industrial architecture and modern tourist facilities. The inland areas, on the other hand, offer the possibility of exploring a rural way of life in the mountains that is still intact in many ways.
You will be spoilt for choice with lower Lake Iseo’s superb enogastronomy, typical local products (cheese, cold cuts and salami, honey, wine, olive oil…), trekking on paths through the hills, water sports, cultural and folkloristic events.

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