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By ferry


On Lake Iseo there are two public navigation services; one line service managed by Navigazione Lago d’Iseo and one not of line, managed by Barcaioli Monte Isola Service, which offers tours and excursions on the lake.

  • Ferry-boats to/from Monte Isola – the navigation line service is operative every day of the year with frequency of 15 mins from the harbor of Sulzano to M. Isola Peschiera and 20 mins from Sale Marasino to M. Isola Carzano.

Ferry boats timetables to/from Monte Isola

  • Line ferries for all the other destination of the lake – the service is operative from the end of March and October. It’s annual the navigation service between the harbor of Sulzano, Sale Marasino, Iseo, Monte Isola, Tavernola and Predore.

Scheduled ferries on Lake Iseo - 2018
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