How to get there

By train


Discover how it is easy reach us by train from the stations of Brescia, Milano, Verona

The train stations of Brescia, Milan and Verona are equipped with the main Italian and European railway routes. Brescia railway is also served by the regional line Brescia – Iseo – Edolo, passing through Franciacorta territory, links the city with the eastern shore of Iseo Lake. Lake’s towns served by the regional line Brescia- Iseo - Edolo  are: Iseo, Pilzone d'Iseo, Sulzano, Sale Marasino, Marone, Vello, Toline and Pisogne.


Look at the timetables to reach the railway of Brescia from Milan or Verona, otherwise, from Bergamo. Arrived in Brescia just make a change and Lake Iseo is close at hand. 

It’s possible to look at the railway timetables  directly online:

Regional railway lines: 
Italian railway lines:  (connection between the main Italian cities)

Italian private railway (connection between the main Italian cities)


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