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Bike tours

Monte Isola e Franciacorta - 6 ore

Andando in bici tra Montisola e la Franciacorta

Bellezza da scoprire

from 55€

Valle Camonica, lago, Franciacorta - 5/6 ore

La ciclovia del fiume Oglio

4 percorsi dalla Valle Camonica alla Franciacorta

from 45€

Franciacorta - Half day

Bike tours

Guided bike tour among vinyards, incl. bike hire

from 40€

Escursioni a piedi e trekking

Passirano - 4 hrs.

Treasure hunt in the Franciacorta vineyards

With a visit and picnic in the winery

from 50€

Pilzone d'Iseo - 4 hrs.

Aperitif with lake view on the big bench

The Big Bench by Chris Bangle

from 35€


Corte Franca

Private Riva Vintage Collection

Visit to the Bellini Nautica collection

from 25€

Lake Iseo - 3 hrs.

Explore Lake Iseo

Private car tour around the lake

from 165€

Excursions by boat

Clusane - 1 hour

Riva Experience

Riva Aquarama trip

from 732€

Lake Iseo - 2 hrs.

Sunset cocktail

Evening views of Lake Iseo

from 350€

Lake Iseo - from 3 hrs.

Sailing adventure

Excursions at Lake Iseo

from 350€

Solto Collina - 3 hrs.

Night sailing tour with aperitif on board to the Loreto Islet

Sailing to Loreto Island

from 40€

Solto Collina - 2,5 hrs

Night sailing tour to the 'Bogn' and aperitif on board

Discovering the 'Orrridi' of Riva and Castro and the magic 'Borgo della Luce'

from 40€

Solto Collina - 3 hours

Night paddle under in moonlight

On the night of the full moon

from 35€

Lake Iseo - from 2 hours

Motor boat trip

Motor boat excursions with skipper

from 220€

Solto Collina, Gré - 3 hrs.

Sailing trip lead by an instructor

Lake Iseo tour lead by an instructor

from 220€

Solto Collina - 2 hrs.

Canoe excursion

Discover the 'Bogn' in Riva di Solto

from 25€


Lake and Franciacorta - 20 or 60 min.

Flying over Lake Iseo

Two seater plane flight with an instructor

from 80€