Cinema - Theatre, Alto Lago d'Iseo, Lake Iseo, Lovere

"Cognate - cena in famiglia" Play

Teatro Crystal - Lovere

On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th January 2019 there will be “Cognate”, written by Éric Assous and directed by Piergiorgio Piccoli, starring Anna Valle, Guenda Goria e Anna Zago.
The event will be held at Crystal Theatre at 8.45 pm on Saturday 12th January, and at 4 pm on Sunday 13th January.


Parterre: 30 euros
Balcony: 15 euros

Parterre: 28 euros
Balcony: 14 euros

People under 25 years old (Sunday only):
Parterre: 18 euros
Balcony: 10 euros