Thursday, 28 January 2016
Describe us "your" Lake iseo

The recent launch of the official Lake Iseo website is the perfect occasion to let everybody know news and curiosities about the amazing Sebino territory .

The project for the promotion of the lake is wide and well-structured and we want to enjoy it in an exciting and dynamic way, as our Sebino really is.

That's why in addition to our "visitlakeiseo" official profiles in the nine most popular and widespread social networks around the world, we are giving you the chance to join the club by sharing your personal experiences, pictures and emotions.

Describe you Lake Iseo, your personal adventure, the experience and emotions you' ve felt during your trip. Illustrate us a characteristic perspective of the Lake, a fascinating location, an exciting history, a legend or ideas and suggestions for a fantastic weekend or for a special event you'd like to promote.

To find more information visit our official blog, where the best stories will be published.

Let yourself enter a great adventure, the world is waiting for us.


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