Saturday, 21 April 2018
A journey of "Taste" on Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is a place that retains an authentic charm: a slow destination that offers many opportunities to discover the wonders of the area all year round.

Among these one stands out as truly amazing - even for two locals like us.

We are talking about the 'Train of Flavours', thanks to which we rediscovered traditional flavours and discovered hidden pearls along an itinerary we had not visited since childhood.

treno dei sapori 1

The 'Train of Flavours' is easily identified by its distinctive orange colour and the name conjures up thoughts of fine dining. It dates back to the early 1900s but has been modernized to offer maximum comfort to passengers who will enjoy the dishes prepared directly on board.

The itineraries proposed by the 'Treno dei Sapori' are different, but all depart from Iseo station and continue along the Brescia side of the lake with deviations in Franciacorta and up to Val Camonica.

aperitivo treno dei sapori

The interior is welcoming and cared for in every detail. The aromas that welcome you are instantly mouth watering.

The train journey is not a commute. It is a culinary journey, an integral experience. From the first Franciacorta toast, one loses oneself amid the landscapes that Lake Iseo offers.

torbiere del sebino

The end of the day ends where it started (at the Iseo station). It is an experience not to be missed, either by tourists who will get a unique experience full of surprises or local visitors who can rediscover the area’s beauty.

treno dei sapori 1 3

For those interested, the excursions can be booked online here:

Article by Scatti & Bagagli


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