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10 experiences for an alternative Christmas on Lake Iseo

It is Christmas again, the great party that knows how to charm everyone. With this spirit Lake Iseo and Franciacorta welcome visitors for the holidays, in a joyful and festive atmosphere.
There are many opportunities to savour this magical moment: the characteristic lake hamlets turn into small illuminated nativity scenes with lights, music and scents all around.


1. Beyond the tradition

9.Oltre la tradizione

For an alternative Christmas, why not try a helicopter tour, with a maximum capacity of 5 people. You can enjoy the enchanting views and scenery of the villages from an "adrenaline" perspective.


2. Enjoy the lake even in winter

10. sportaction crociere vela2

For those who do not want to miss the chance to live the lake in winter, with its fiery sunsets and enchanting views, there are sailboat cruises with a skipper or motorboat charter. Definitely an unconventional but wonderful way to celebrate Christmas Eve or wait for New Year's Eve!


3. Villages to discover

1 Borghi da scoprire

Christmas parties can be guiding stars that help visitors from far away to discover the lakeside towns, which, at this time of year are even more fascinating and rich with historical anecdotes. Local guides offer tourists personalized tours, providing a truly immersive experience that brings the local culture to life, from the medieval complex of Iseo to the fishing villages of Monte Isola and the fascinating hill hamlets.


4. Wineries in Franciacorta

6. cantine franciacorta

Exchange your wishes with a toast of excellence!
In Franciacorta the wineries also open the doors during the holidays, offering tastings for visits by reservation, even in foreign languages. Their shops are open for Christmas shopping.


5. Christmas market decor and gastronomy

lovere 1024

Christmas markets also help to infuse the atmosphere with festivity. They are held in the towns of Monticelli Brusati, Ome, Solto Collina and Iseo, where the traditional appointment with "Natale con Gusto" (9-10 and 16-17 December) fills the senses with colours to enjoy, fragrances to remember and tastes to savour. In addition to the classic Christmas decorations, the event promotes typical European and regional products such as cheeses, sweets, dried fish and especially extra virgin olive oil whose production on Lake Iseo is particularly appreciated. It is so appreciated that throughout pringtime on Monte Isola, locals invite you to discover the history of their oil production on a tour of the olive groves in a local Robin reliant-like truck. Do not miss the spectacular artistic lightening of the Tadini Palace, Piazza Tredici Martiri and the Civic Tower in Lovere.


6. Father Christmas on Lake Iseo

3. fabbrica di babbo natale

Lovere, one of the most beautiful Villages in Italy, reserves for children Father Christmas' House. Within the fascinating Tadini Academy, Father Christmas and his aides and a number of farm animals welcome children each weekend throughout December. Father Christmas is also hosted in Tavernola Bergamasca where there are Christmas markets on December 10 and 17. In Cambianica you can even take a historic tram to Santa’s factory.


7. Like angels on ice

4.Come angeli sul ghiaccio

There are ice skating tracks for children and adults in the historic centres of Sarnico and Iseo, at the tourist port of Lovere and in the central square of Franciacorta Outlet Village near Rodengo Saiano.


8. Living nativity scenes

5.Presepi viventi

The living nativity scenes of Villongo and Ome have become a tradition which always fascinates visitors. Figurines in costumes and animals recreate an enchanted place of times gone by, offering a wonderful scene for families with small children.


9. Theatre and music

8. Teatro e musica

There are numerous theatre performances and classical music concerts on Lake Iseo in the days before Christmas: Classical Iseo at Iseo’s Oldofredi Castle; a piano and guitar concert at Castelli Calepio; and other choirs and various theatrical performances. For gospel-music lovers, concert of the Afro-American group "Roderick Giles & Grace" at San Giorgio's Church in Lovere.


10. Brindisi in the square

7. capodanno in piazza

In the cellars or elsewhere, Christmas represents an occasion to have a meal with friends. The squares of the historic centres are filled with music, food evenings and tempting proposals to make special moments come true.

Sarnico is also celebrating the arrival of the New Year in company.


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