Thursday, 28 September 2017
6th Sebino Rally

The route has changed! The Sebino Events Group, headed by Girolamo Angione and assisted by the Automobile Club Bergamo, has shifted the event’s centre of gravity but kept Lovere as the headquarters. The race’s change in geography means that other municipal administrations and public bodies will be involved in this fantastic sports-and-more project. Even though September brings a decline in the flow of tourists, events such as the Sebino Rally will create surges both around the lake and in the surrounding mountains. In addition to Lovere, the local authorities of Rogno, Costa Volpino, Azzone and Schilpario will all be involved.

Marini is the driving force of this race - which will take place between Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th October. Much curiosity has been sparked now that the race will be led by the most exponent of Lovere's rallymen: Alberto Marini.

Born in 1963, Marini was introduced to the world of racing by his older brother – who was also a pilot - and debuted in 1983 with a Fiat 127. Much water has passed under the bridges and the "flying architect" is now getting ready to tackle the race on a 2000cc Renault Clio N3.



"Although rallying was very popular in the 1980s, in was not until the 1st Sebino Rally (2012) that it entered our territory. There have been many races nearby because of the proximity to the Provice of Brescia which has always been favoured. The Val Camonica Rally, the Ronde Camuna and the Ronde Aci Brescia are some examples while in the Orobie area the Art Country Rally had Clusone as its centre. Now we finally have a rally of our own even if there aren’t many local competitors. Besides me and my navigator Giuseppe Morina there are not many Loveresi in the rally world. There is his brother Giovanni, Roberto Zanella (who is part of the Sebino Eventi), Roberto Zambetti, Pablo Biolghini, Giacomo Questi, who drove in the past and recently also Guizzetti who is from Solto Collina.

It is good for the area to have a rally like the Sebino. I believe that the administrations have realized that this is not an end in itself, but that it is a way to create a major tourist attraction as might sailing or motocross competitions."



Marini goes on to in more detail:

"The Rogno test was proposed in 2016 and the crews liked it: this is a special stage that starts very fast despite the fact it is uphill through a series of bends until reaching a plain. From there a very difficult section begins during which a lot of attention is needed as it is fairly technical. The special "Val di Scalve", which will be the new entry of the race as well as the longest test is really nice and unique. I know that road well because it is often used as a route for bikers and I also often enjoy it on two wheels. It will be necessary to pay close attention. During reconnaissance it will not be easy to feel the adrenaline that this stretch transmits - that I think can only really be appreciated on the day of the race. There are some bends at the beginning of the race that make it look simple but it gets much trickier from there. The central part is fast and technical and does not provide any reference points. The navigator role will be crucial as they will have to guide their drivers with greater dexterity. Absolutely a test to experience!”


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