Friday, 22 September 2017
10 Sports to practice on Lake Iseo Season by season

"Summer is over and a year goes, I'm getting bigger you know, I won’t go."

Well on the notes of the Righeira song we say goodbye to the summer and open the doors to autumn, which has come a few day early this year. Falling leaves, warm chocolates and grandmother's socks and last but not least, a wardrobe change that comes a little earlier than expected. But today I don’t want to let you sleep on the couch cuddling your better half in front of another romantic movie.

Instead, get ready for the top ten sports to do on Lake Iseo, starting with what you can do this week.

In autumn, weather permitting, you can go for a nice bicycle ride amongst the Franciacorta vineyards or for the more experienced, a mountain bike ride. The choice of routes are plenty and of varied difficulty. For families, the most popular tours include the Torbiere tour, the tour of Monte Isola or the cycling trip from Bergamo to Sarnico. For the "stronger" try the Bossico Plateau, the GimondiBike or the Valcalepio Road.


Bike martinellinadia

And if you are not a bicycle lover? The lake offers healthy treks to the top of Monte Guglielmo for a panoramic shot worthy of the keenest bloggers. Or how about a Nordic walk? That growing sport that is very much in vogue, which, unlike trekking, commits the entire body to an intense workout.

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Between the markets, colourful lights and Christmas babies hung on the balconies, in winter you can indulge in the "race of those who eat the most panettones in a few hours" Ah… no joke - this is not a sport :) In winter you can relax in parks and natural reserves and on Sundays, take in the magic atmosphere of the skating rinks that are set up every year in Iseo, Sarnico and Lovere.

pattinaggio iseo

The arrival of spring brings flowers, sparkling air and even a parachute jump. I always dreamt of flying and any list of “100 things to do before you die” should include a jump with a view from above Lake Iseo: super exciting! The launch sites are visible here. Or, for the less daredevil amongst us: a stroll along the historic Valeriana trail. For the more athletic and fit, climbing is a great spring sport - mild winder days are also well suited. The routes are varied and there is something for all levels.



Then there is the arrival of summer, no doubt the best season for lakes. The days stretch long, the temperatures rise and there is no shortage of water sports. On the menu are canoe excursions, sailing courses, windsurfing and for those who are easily bored, great wakeboarding and kite surfing. For all sports it is possible to hire equipment and play independently or join a school to be accompanied by qualified instructors.


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Text by Sara Gaffurini - Travel blogger di #Viaggiareapois

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