Tuesday, 08 August 2017
Tying the knot in Franciacorta is pure magic!

Yes, I will. Getting married is a special moment or rather, the most special moment.

It's the moment of a lifetime and amongst all the preparation and anxiety nothing can be left to chance - certainly not the location!

Where could be better than Franciacorta? Distinctive vineyards, fabulous palaces, blooming flowers, rolling hills and of course excellent wines. FRANCIACORTA is all of this in one!

Over these summer months, planners work hard to organise perfect weddings - saving guests from heat stroke is high on their list! Franciacorta is ideal because with its vineyards and long stretches of grassy meadows, it boasts a wonderful palette of palaces that meets everyone’s needs to celebrate immersed in a pleasant freshness.

mr mrs due colombe cortefranca viaggiareapois

Today I want to tell you about my experience. A month ago I attended my mother-in-law's marriage and what can I say? It was pure magic. Although the weather was not ideal (but luckily it never rained) it was the perfect wedding from the ceremony through to dinner. Perfect in detail, in the menu and in the location, perfect in smiles, emotions and dances.

My mother-in-law is not twenty, but the Le Due Colombe restaurant in Cortefranca created an atmosphere perfectly suited to the age of the spouses, intimate and delicate but at the same time engaging. For all this we can only thank Stefano Cerveni, the star chef who has enchanted us with his dishes ... The taste of those delightful maltagliati with caviar and scallops still lingers ... a big thank you also to his wife Sara who directed it all beautifully.

maltagliati caviale e capesante Stefano Cerveni due Colombe viaggiareapois

Travelling through instagram, I saw that I was not the only one to have participated in a wedding in Franciacorta this summer. As I said earlier, there are so many places, including restaurants, nineteenth-century palace farmhouses and villas that give something to brag about. Could one not do worse than choose a pool location and advise the guests to bring a nice costume and go for a dip between courses? Jokes aside, here's a few clicks from location to confetti, gadgets to decorating:



(Foto Instagram: @villafassatibarba)

palazzo montine dellacorte
(Foto Instragam: @palazzo_montidellacorte)

sec simona(Foto Instragram: @sec_photographers_simona)

plaetti pietri fotografo
(Foto Instagram: @palettipietrofotografo


(Foto Instagram: @veronicamasserdotti) 


andreavivonalivemiusic(Foto Instagram: @andreavivonalivemusic) 

marco lattanzi(Foto Instagram: @marco_lattanzi_photoprahy)


As a famous Ligabue song tells us, "Oh, let's take care of ours or take care of whoever you want: Countess Love"

A toast to travels!

brindisi di viaggiareapois


di Sara Gaffurini-#viaggiareapois

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