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Eating on Lake Iseo

What to eat and drink on Lake Iseo and the surrounding area

Lake Iseo is not only a relaxing oasis and a centre for water and mountain sports, it is also a great place to enjoy food and wine – two more reasons to stop for more than just a day.

From fish to great wine, there is much to delight your palate.

This article reviews some of the Sebino area’s typical products, including the famous Franciacorta sparkling wine, which can be enjoyed in the restaurants and agritourism farms in the area.

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This is a slow food par excellence - a truly traditional Lake Iseo dish. After slowly drying on wooden racks for 30/40 days, the sardines are placed in steel containers and marinated in olive oil for a few months to mature. Once mature they become golden and are ready to eat. Traditionally, they are seasoned with oil, parsley and garlic and served with polenta. The flavour will astonish you!


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Casoncelli is a typical dish of the Bergamo and Brescia area. They are similar to ravioli and are prepared in various shapes depending on the traditions of the area they are made in. You will often find them in trattorias and farmsteads around the lake, filled with bread, Parmesan, beef, parsley, raisins, lemon rind and even berries in the Bergamascan version. In the Brescian version, however, they are lighter and are prepared with bread, Parmesan or Grana Padano, garlic, nutmeg, broth, parsley and salt.


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"Salame di Monte Isola"

This salami is typical of Monte Isola, the island made famous by Cristo’s Floating Piers (2016), the walkway that allowed over a million people to walk on water. Salami processing begins between January and February and requires specific skills to cut, mix, sack and bind the meat which is then smoked, giving the salami a unique and distinct taste. It is then hung in stone cellars called "Ca 'del salam" which are heated with a dry firewood to maintain a constant, lukewarm temperature. The result is a salami that is essential to any tasty plate of cold meats!

salame ol salam del me pais

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"Silter" cheese

Silter is a typical cheese from the lower Val Camonica and the pre-alpine areas to the east of Lake Iseo. It is a cylindrical cheese, made from milk taken from Monte Guglielmo’s cows and seasoned for 1-2 years. Silter has a firm consistency and a delicate and aromatic flavour. It has recently been granted the Certification of Protected Designation of Origin.


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Among the lush vineyards of Franciacorta are a number of wines of excellence. Franciacorta is made using a balanced selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes. It is an ideal wine for all meals: from the aperitif to main courses, from the simplest to the most complex recipes. It has an intense, golden yellow colour and a fine and persistent perlage. The bouquet is characteristic of bottle fermentation with hints of yeast and bread crust, enriched with delicate notes of citrus fruit and dried fruits such as almond, hazelnut and dried figs. A savoury, fresh, fine and harmonious taste.

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